Tobacco cutting machines

In our offer, you can find various tobacco leaf cutting machines. They are very precise, effective and also, do not make a lot of noise, what can be crucial for many customers. Some of the models are relatively small and, therefore, convenient for transportation. Moreover, our tobacco cutting machines are amazingly solid, as well as easy to be assembled and operated. They allow you to do your work faster and effortlessly. We are sure that you will be fully content of our products! For a start, you can rent them to see which tobacco leaf cutting machine is best for you.


Other leaf cutting machines

Our company stocks leaf cutting machines not only for tobacco, but also for herbs, tea leaves and other products. They are all of a very high-quality, hence they can serve for many years without any failure. Thanks to them, you do not have to take any effort, as they are amazingly easy to use. Apart from that, a leaf cutting machine works surprisingly fast, so you will be able to carry out orders in a shorter period of time, what will surely appeal to your clients. If you do not know which model would be the most suitable for you, ask us for advice or rent a particular device for some time.



They are currently the best machines on the market for cutting, quality, performance, price and multiplicity. The device is intended to cut whole leaf tobacco, tea leaves, herbs, etc..


These devices are designed to cut the whole or parts of tobacco leaves, tea leaves, herbs, etc.. Machines are made from high quality tool steel and aluminum.


The devices are designed to cut cut the whole leaf  tobacco leaves, leaf teas, herbs, etc.. Machines of this series also ideally suited for the production of compressed packets.

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